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You Can Help Keep Ad-Free! was started back in 2003 in order to share the information I was gathering with the public. From the beginning it has been my intention to keep the site ad free. I have always viewed it as a way to give a little something back to the community. The only advertising on the site are some unobtrusive links for my business, Anole Computer Services, in the heading, the footer and on some of the graphics. I do this so that people know where the money to keep the station running comes from. The other links you see on the right hand side of some pages are not paid advertisments but links to other resources we share our data with that I feel bring some value to the site.

Now the time has come to replace/upgrade the station. The current equipment is close to ten years old, and more importantly, due to growth of trees, it needs to be moved to a new location so that the readings will continue to have the accuracy I've always tried to achieve with the data.

Now I have to make a decision: Do I keep the site ad free, or do I clutter up the page with ads to help generate the funds to pay for the new station equipment? As you can tell from my tone, I do not want to carry ads on the site. I want to keep the site as simple and "clean" as possible.

To that end I thought I would try something else. I'd like to give you the user the opportunity to get involved with keeping online and up-to-date by soliciting donations from our users. Anyone who donates will be recognized as a supporter of the site on a special Supporter of Pine Island Weather page as follows:

Funds collected will go first to the purchase of the new station equipment. Should there be an additional funds collected above and beyond those needs, we will apply them to the annual cost of hosting the site. Once that need is met, any remaining funds will be distributed to a Pine Island charity.

Here's what I expect the costs to be. These are not exact and do not include shippping costs, but should be very close to what the final costs should be:

Item Cost
Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 with fan aspirated radiation shield (Model 6153) $550
Davis Instruments 6510SER Serial WeatherLink (Datalogger) $150
Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 anemometer transmitter kit $150
Davis Instruments wireless temperature station transmitter kit $150
Ambient Weather WeatherMount Stainless Steel Weather Station Mount $170
Ambient Weather EZ-48 Weather Station Tripod and Mast Assembly $60
Ambient Weather EZ-125-35M 35" Mast Extension $15
Total for weather station equipment (not including shipping) $1245

Annual web site hosting and domain registration costs are around $100.

To donate click the Donate button at the top of this page. If you would like to remain anonymous please let me know in the "Instruction to the Seller" part of the form.

If you prefer to donate via check, make your check payable to Anole Computer Services and send it to:

Anole Computer Services
P.O. Box 591
St. James City, FL 33956