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Supporters of Pine Island Weather

Thank You To The Following People Who Support Our Station And Help Keep It Ad-Free!

When I had the idea to solicit donations to help upgrade the station without having to start carrying ads on the site I was unsure what type of response I'd get. Well, as you can see from the list below (and there have been several anonymous donations as well), the response has been absolutely wonderful! I can't thank everyone enough, and I mean that sincerely!


Hurricane Club: $50 or more

  •   Gale Price
  •   Robert Merriam
  •   Lindy Holt of Silvery Lane Studio
  •   Chris and Brenda Robinson
  •   Pine Island Paradise Paddling, Inc.
  •   Tammy and Matt McGraw
  •   Susan Weir
  •   Jay and Lisa Benton
  •   Lewis Elliot
  •   Bill Hollister
  •   Lynn Sarda
  •   Steve and Linda Hopkins
  •   John and Marsha Thurston
  •   Patricia Merickel
  •   Dean and Jeanette Keesee
  •   Brian and Kathie Reiter

Tropical Storm Club: $25-50

  •   Thomas Butcher
  •   Brian Cotterill
  •   Kevin Chapman
  •   Mary Hollway
  •   Alfred and Joan Moxon

Tornado Club: $10-25

  •   John West
  •   Charles Epranian
  •   William Bro

Thunderstorm club: Less than $10

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